Traditional Yurt House

However this yurt features a few extra modern touches. They are usually a little over 2 meters 6 feet high with a slightly domed top rising another meter.

Mongolian Yurts Mongolian Yurt Yurt Yurt Interior

Architectural digest has deemed these unique circular structures architectural wonders traditional yurts have been in continuous use throughout the region of central asia for thousands of years.

Traditional yurt house. Even better each yurt cabin comes with features that you ll never find in a standard traditional yurt such as double hung glass windows insulation and integrated flooring. This yurt also features a traditional structure with the lattice interior supports and wooden beams to create the domed roof. Yurt market is just a free classifieds site for selling yurts and similar structures.

It is a tent like structure made from a wooden frame and covered by wool felt. A traditional yurt from the turkic languages or ger mongolian is a portable round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by several distinct nomadic groups in the steppes of central asia the structure consists of an angled assembly or latticework of wood or bamboo for walls a door frame ribs poles rafters and a wheel crown compression ring possibly steam bent. The cable railing on the stairs and loft face is commonly found in modern and minimalist homes.

A traditional yurt is very easy to collapse and assemble again and it can be transported on no more than three animals horses camels yaks. Ger is the traditional dwelling of the nomads in mongolia as well as in the neighbouring countries over to as far as in turkey. A house to go.

Yurts take between 30 minutes and 3 hours to set up or take down and usually house between five and 15 people. We are a non profit organization that has been working in mongolia since 1999. These gers yurts are fair trade cultural artifacts from mongolia.

A yurt is a round portable structure with a collapsible wood frame and fabric coverings. The yurt called ger by the mongols is the traditional dwelling of nomadic families in mongolia. The number of walls determines the size of the yurt 3 to 5 walls in general giving a floor area of approximately 15 to 30m2.

The tiny round portable house comes with solid walls engineered for longtime durability. It is composed of several orange mesh walls all the same size and curved. Our yurts are hand painted with traditional mongolian design and constructed of renewable larch wood and covered with felt and cotton.

A wood burning iron stove sits in the middle of a traditional yurt with a long chimney reaching up past the roof. It can be assembled and disassembled in hours.

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