Vietnamese Traditional House Architecture

Many palaces lầu son gác tía luxury home of the feudal family were built then destroyed faded and forgotten. Architecture modern version of the traditional vietnamese tube house modern version of the traditional vietnamese tube house the owner of this house used to live in toronto but decided to return to ho chi minh city in vietnam in order to help her mother.

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In the traditional house architecture of vietnamese all the dimensions of the building are calculated based on the thuoc tam a ruler is base on body size homeowner.

Vietnamese traditional house architecture. From the tiny monument like traditional design to the sophisticated and grandiose buildings like palaces the native materials were taken in used like bamboo. A photo exhibition entitled vietnamese communal houses opened in berlin on october 8 introducing the unique architecture of ancient vietnamese communal houses to german visitors. Nowadays wooden houses on stilts are still seen in the highlands and midlands inhabited by the tay nung thai muong ede and bahnar.

The structure of a traditional vietnamese house can follow many styles but there are two most common types of design that are. This is a unique thing that very hard to find in anywhere else. According to vietnam architecture association the process development of vietnam s ancient design is expounded with the natural surroundings and socio economical state of affairs.

Like other traditional architecture around the world vietnamese architecture also uses the method of golden scale. 4000 years of vietnam traditional house in building and defending is tied to the vicissitudes of history the country. Vietnamese architecture studio kientruc o has given a modernist makeover to an old house in a narrow ho chi minh city alleyway transforming it into a restaurant with a lush garden wrapped by.

It creates uniqueness in terms of scale and proportion for each house. Vietnamese traditional wood architecture originated from the house on stilts dating back to the time of the dong son culture 3rd century be. However the origin unit is based on the little finger node of house s owner.

Vietnamese architecture of traditional houses stilt houses. Because as vietnamese conception the house is the most important place where all family stay together and. The second is character mon 門 style this is the style of rich families with the main house lying in the center and 2 wing houses.

Wood vietnamese people have built their house in conformity with the natural condition and therefore have taken shape a traditional wooden architecture. First is main house and sub houses this style is typical in red river delta. In this context idyllic and rustic stilt houses have been alive with the time and contributed to nation s architectural uniqueness.

The traditional wooden architec ture is early existence and play very important role with high density in system of architectural monuments in vietnam. The traditional wooden architecture is a.

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