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The racks replaced a homeless encampment and some locals decried the city s move as an act of hostile architecture intended to displace those who had been taking shelter there. Benches are ground zero for anti homeless design a common feature of hostile architecture.

Homeless Spikes Popping Up All Over The World Oligarchs Rejoice All Over The World World Homeless People

Excavating the future in los angeles mike davis wrote about the installation of bum proof benches on skid row a new barrel shaped bus bench that offers a minimal surface for uncomfortable sitting while making.

Anti homeless architecture america. In his 1990 book city of quartz. The anti homeless spikes here for example were installed to deter beggars and those sleeping rough. Architecture that discriminates against an already marginalized population is the laziest way to address the issue of homelessness.

Hostile architecture is an urban design strategy that uses elements of the built environment to purposefully guide or restrict behaviour in order to prevent crime and maintain order. It often targets people who use or rely on public space more than others such as youth and the homeless by restricting the physical behaviours in which they can engage. Examples of anti homeless architecture can be found around the world.

If we as a public health provider resort to doing this what. Seattle uses bike racks to block rough sleepers this article is more than 2 years old seattle s new bike racks were placed to deter homeless people. In a newspaper article from 2018 one woman took a picture of a bench painted in the lgbt colours to promote inclusivity.

There s a much greater issue with. Ultimately architecture isn t the cure of homelessness. Anti homeless policy has been a staple in cities all over the world for decades whether those policies be forthright like loitering laws and sit lie ordinances or peppered into a city s infrastructure and public spaces hostile architecture sometimes called defensive architecture a trend in urban design which discourages the use of spaces in any way other than the.

Hostile architecture has also been an issue in some of new york s more than 550 privately owned public spaces which are required to be open to the public by their owners in return for the right. A look into the horrifying anti homeless trend may 15 2019 harm reduction when you sit on a city bench or wait for a bus you might not even notice the bars spikes and slants built into the furniture.

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