Anti Homeless Architecture London

It can involve numerous often hard to notice measures from small metal spikes to uncomfortable seats dividers on benches to artificial slopes. As if the odds weren t already stacked against homeless people enough some cities instal hostile architecture to stop rough sleeping on benches and under bridges.

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Homeless charity crisis said the use of hostile architecture and other anti homeless measures is a sad indictment of how we treat the most vulnerable people in our society.

Anti homeless architecture london. Some pictures may be upsetting. Examples of anti homeless architecture can be found around the world. Sleeping rough opened my eyes to the city s barbed cruelty metal studs outside private flats on southwark bridge road london.

While not as obvious as the stainless steel anti homeless spikes that appeared outside a london apartment block recently the benches are part of a recent generation of urban architecture. Hostile architecture has evolved into subtler forms as more blunt examples garner blowback. In central london.

But citizens are subverting and resisting such architecture in creative ways low noted. How many of these have you seen around your city. In britain people have covered anti homeless spikes with cushions and mattresses while.

In 2014 a tesco supermarket in central london agreed to remove anti homeless spikes outside its store after a wave of protest. Oddly shaped benches decorative rocks and bike racks all do a better job of hiding their primary functions. Recently security company ceo chad loder compiled a list of some of the worst examples of this from around the world along with their horrifying consequences.

In a newspaper article from 2018 one woman took a picture of a bench painted in the lgbt colours to promote inclusivity. Hostile architecture is an urban design strategy that uses elements of the built environment to purposefully guide or restrict behaviour in order to prevent crime and maintain order. By saoirse kerrigan.

15 examples of anti homeless hostile architecture that you probably never noticed before. It often targets people who use or rely on public space more than others such as youth and the homeless by restricting the physical behaviours in which they can engage. Well anti homelessness architecture is designed to deter the homeless from sleeping nearby.

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